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Membership in the GMF / GMF-AR / GMF-R Programs

This service supports you whatever your needs are in relation to the funding and professional support program for family medicine groups (FMG), the access-network designation program for family medicine groups (FMG-NR) and the network designation program for family medicine groups (FMG-R).
Help and assistance for :

enable your clinic to meet the eligibility criteria of the FMG, FMG-AR and FMG-R programs;

apply for membership in one of these programs;

Jointly negotiate the operation of activities within the FMG and the distribution of budgets with the associated site(s);

improve your attendance rate;

manage, in a detailed and comprehensive way, a family medicine group;

understand and manage budgets and funding;

assist you in your dealings with the CI(U)SSS.

co-management of CI(U)SSS staff;


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