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Market and feasibility study

At the beginning of the project, it is essential to validate the location of your project, determine who your competitors are, mitigate the risks and confirm the profitability of your project in the short, medium and long term.

You must also evaluate the actual potential for medical recruitment, both current and future, compare this data with demographic information and analyze it to determine the growth of the project. Your financial institution will ask you to present such an analysis to obtain a loan.

Expansion or relocation of a medical clinic

Are you no longer competitive with the competition? Your environment no longer meets your needs and you are facing space problems? It is now time to consider expanding or moving your clinic. Many opportunities are available to you today.

Whatever your situation, our consultants will help you analyze the situation and move your project forward. We can also put you in touch with the best professionals specializing in the design and construction of medical clinics.

Real estate, construction and interior design

You want to build a clinic? Are you looking for a competent team with expertise in the management and construction of medical projects? Do you want to add value to your project?

Our experts will guide you in your choices and your vision in order to allow you to develop a unique project that will meet the new standards of practice such as adapted access, multidisciplinary work and the achievement of performance levels required for family medicine groups.

The various changes made in recent years to the Quebec health care system and to the regulations surrounding medical practice management tend to transform projects and their performance. It is therefore essential to surround yourself with people who have developed this expertise and who will be able to guide you through the various challenges posed by this type of project.

Introduction of adaptive access (training and implementation)

While this concept is fairly simple to understand from a theoretical standpoint, it comes with its own set of challenges when it comes to implementing it in a multi-physician practice. Our consultants will be able to review your appointment management model and propose a structured project, with all the necessary tools, to improve access in your group practice management.

Adapted access remains your best ally for achieving the performance levels required within the FMG program (attendance rate), but above all to ensure that you have happy clients and staff!


If you have a particular need that does not appear in this list, contact our team of experts now and we will be pleased to develop a service proposal adapted and personalized to your situation and your company’s needs.

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